Episode 147: Babylon 5 - ‘Divided Loyalties’ and ‘The Long Twilight Struggle’

> July 12th, 2018 ---

This week Tim and I get stuck into the next two installments of B5!

That is all :D



Episode 146: Farscape ‘Family Ties’ and ‘Mind the Baby’

> July 5th, 2018 ---

This week Tim and I are joined by the fabulous Jenna and we get our teeth stuck into Farscape's season one finale and season two premiere!

Enjoy the laughs!


Episode 145: Men In Black 3

> June 20th, 2018 ---

Men in Black 3 - yep, our first, last and only line of defence in the universe!


Episode 144: Babylon 5 - ‘In the Shadow of Z’Ha’Dum’ ‘Knives’ and ‘Confessions and Lamentations’

> June 13th, 2018 ---

After a short hiatus Tim and I return with B5, because of course, it being Tim's birthday he had to have the choice of viewing! ♥ We take a peek at In the Shadow of Z'Ha'Dum, Knives and Confessions and Lamentations. Enjoy!!


Episode 143: Back to the Future 2

> May 16th, 2018 ---

On our second week of sequels month Tim and I head back to the future, or into the past, or ....... whatever here is Back to the Future II!


Episode 142: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

> May 9th, 2018 ---

"I am Groot".


Episode 141: Babylon 5 ‘Hunter, Prey’ and ‘There All Honor Lies’

> May 2nd, 2018 ---

This week Tim and I pick up where we left off with Season 2 of Babylon 5 with Hunter, Prey and There all honor lies. Hope you enjoy!


Episode 140: Star Trek Voyager: Coda

> April 25th, 2018 ---

As usual on every 10th installment here we have an offering from Star Trek Voyager, this time is around it is season's threes Coda, you know the one where Beltran acts?! Enjoy!


Episode 139: Killjoys Season 2

> April 18th, 2018 ---

This week Tim and I take a look at Season 2 of the amazing show that is Killjoys, our admiration for this is no secret so don't expect anything other than love!




Episode 138: Men In Black II

> April 11th, 2018 ---

This week Tim and I get our teeth into the second installment of the Men In Black movies, have a listen and be sure to let us know your thoughts!