Episode 111: Killjoys

> September 20th, 2017 ---

Due to technical issuess this weeks viewing was changed at the last minute so, we bring to you, Tim and I discussing the Syfy Original series that is Killjoys!



Episode 110: Star Trek Voyager ‘Hunters’ and ‘Prey’

> September 13th, 2017 ---

This week Tim and I discuss the Season 4 Episodes from Voyager 'Hunters' and 'Prey'. Usual T&C's apply. Enjoy!


Episode 109: Star Trek Deep Space Nine - In Purgatory’s Shadow and By Inferno’s Light

> September 6th, 2017 ---

This week Tim and I discuss these season 5 offerings from DS9, join us as we relive that haunting and neverending nightmare that is the Dominion!


Episode 108: Stargate Atlantis - The Siege

> August 30th, 2017 ---

This week Tim and I are joined by Casey for Stargate Atlantis - The Siege, there's the usual hilarity, dry wit and stuffs with a few technical issues that makes Tim sound like he's borg and Casey, well, Skype wanted to censor his opinions repeatedly! All makes for good laughs and giggles! Enjoy!


*Sorry for the shitty editing, did the best I could :) S x


Episode 107: Killjoys - Bangarang

> August 16th, 2017 ---

This week Tim and I discuss the very first episode of the series Killjoys, 'twas supposed to be the first two episode but life got in the way again! So, all that said, listen, enjoy and other stuffs!!


Episode 106: Star Trek - Generations

> August 9th, 2017 ---

This week Tim and I are joined by Casey to discuss Star Trek Generations - listen out for the best "Oh shit" moment ever and enjoy!


Episode 105: Babylon 5 - Chrysalis, Points of Departure and Revelations

> August 2nd, 2017 ---

This week Tim and I discuss the season 1 finale and the season 2 premiere of Babylon 5 - from butterfly to cats - it's all there. Big changes, good changes and scary shit in the dark! Check it out! Usual T & C's - banter and stuff oh and the badly timed arrival of a takeaway! Enjoy!!


Episode 104: Lord of The Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring.

> July 27th, 2017 ---

This week it's our 2nd birthday and we throw all convention out of the window and abandon sci-fi as we dip our toes into the realm of fnatasy! Tim and I give our thoughts about The Fellowship and other stuffs so join us for our usual banter and craic and shit!


Episode 103: Star Trek VI The Voyage Home

> July 19th, 2017 ---

This week Tim and I are joined by Casey to discuss Star Trek VI - Space Whales.....not much else to say other than watch out for the man-pansy oh and also we voice our opinions on the fact Dr. Who now has boobs!!!! Enjoy :D


Episode 102: Farscape ‘That Old Black Magic’ and ‘Picture If You Will’

> July 13th, 2017 ---

This week Tim and I are joined by Casey as he pops his Farscape cherry and watches The Old Black Magic and Picture If You Will. Join us for the usual banter and stuffs and if you haven't watched Farscape can I ask you what are you doing with your life??? :D