Episode 103: Star Trek VI The Voyage Home

> July 19th, 2017 ---

This week Tim and I are joined by Casey to discuss Star Trek VI - Space Whales.....not much else to say other than watch out for the man-pansy oh and also we voice our opinions on the fact Dr. Who now has boobs!!!! Enjoy :D


Episode 102: Farscape ‘That Old Black Magic’ and ‘Picture If You Will’

> July 13th, 2017 ---

This week Tim and I are joined by Casey as he pops his Farscape cherry and watches The Old Black Magic and Picture If You Will. Join us for the usual banter and stuffs and if you haven't watched Farscape can I ask you what are you doing with your life??? :D


Episode 101: Babylon 5 - Sic Transit Vir

> June 30th, 2017 ---

This week Tim and I discuss the Babylon 5 Episode Sic Transit Vir. No doubt there will be the usual ranitng and digressions and stuffs! Sorry for the late publish too!!!


Episode 100: Star Trek Voyager - Death Wish, The Q and the Grey and Q2

> June 21st, 2017 ---

Join Tim and I for our 100th Episode as we discuss the Q episodes from Star Trek Voyager! Happy 100th to us!!!


Episode 99: Star Trek Deep Space Nine - Our Man Bashir

> June 16th, 2017 ---

This week Tim and I discuss DS9's Our Man Bashir episode as well as shit talking Ezri and getting lost in our own digressions!! Hope you enjoy!!


Episode 98: Red Dwarf - Polymorph and EmoHawk: Polymorph

> June 7th, 2017 ---

This week Tim and I discuss 2 offerings from Red Dwarf find out how that went down and enjoy our not so usual ramblings on!


Episode 97: Earth Final Conflict - Decision and Truth

> May 31st, 2017 ---

This week Tim, Casey and myself discuss the first two episodes of Gene Roddenberry's Earth final Conflict and as usual we blether on about other crap too!


Episode 96: Farscape - Revenging Angel

> May 24th, 2017 ---

Join Tim and I this week as we discuss the Season 3 offering of Revenging Angel from the masterpiece that is Farscape!!! 

Oh and if you haven't seen DS9 or Stargate Atlantis and you don't want my rant on spoilers to potentially ruin them for you do not listen beyond the discussion of Farscape! You can't say I didn't warn you!!! :D


Episode 95: Star Trek III The Search for Spock

> May 17th, 2017 ---

This week Tim, Casey and myself discuss the 1984 installment to the Star Trek franchise, The Search for Spock. Let us take you through the 'eeeew' and the 'weeee' and the downright bizarre as we discuss and dissect this masterpiece directed by Leonard Nimoy!



Episode 94: Stargate Universe Pilot Episode Air parts 1, 2 & 3!

> May 10th, 2017 ---

This week Tim, Casey and myself discuss the pilot episodes offered to us by Stargate Universe. The three parter introduces us to Rush and his team and creates a little bit of a rift between the hosts! :D Enjoy!!!