Episode 123: Wall: E

> December 13th, 2017 ---

This week Tim and I discuss the Disney Pixar creation Wall: E, it's robots and spaceships so there! Enjoy!!


Episode 122: Farscape ‘Crackers don’t matter’

> December 6th, 2017 ---

This week Tim and I get our teeth into this season 2 offering from Farscape, you know, the one where they all go a bit batshit? Have a listen and tell us what you think!


Episode 121: Babylon 5 ‘The Long Dark’ and ‘Spiderweb’

> November 29th, 2017 ---

First of all, the episode titles are probably wrong because my memory is shot to shit but I know they aren't far off ;D This week we're a little more lively and don't feel the need to discuss mattresses and there's plenty of ramblings for you to fill that bus journey in with! Enjoy! :D :D


Episode 120: Star Trek Voyager - Macrocosm

> November 22nd, 2017 ---

This week Tim and I discuss Voyager's season 3 offering of Macrocosm - the one where Janeway is a badass. Join us as we discuss just how badass she is as well as mattresses, Tim's dodgy hips and other stuffs!


Episode 119: Stargate Atlantis ‘The Lost Boys’ and ‘The Hive’

> November 16th, 2017 ---

This week Tim and I get our teeth into Stargate Atlantis's season two offerings of The Lost Boys and The Hive as well as wrapping our heads around this weeks Discovery and discussing book to TV adaptions. Hope you enjoy!


Episode 118: Star Trek Enterprise ‘Borderlands’, ‘Cold Station 12′ and ‘The Augments’

> November 7th, 2017 ---

This week Tim and I take a look at the Augment story arc of Season Four of Star Trek Enterprise. This three parter was in Enterprise's final season so have a listen and please feel free to let us know your thoughts!


Also.....Potential Disocvery Spoilers in the afterchat, be warned ;D


Episode 117: Babylon 5 ‘The Geometry of Shadows’ and ‘A Distant Star’

> November 1st, 2017 ---

This week Tim and I discuss two offerings from season 2 of B5 as well as a brief discussion of the 'The Last Jedi' trailer and of course this weeks Discovery episode! Potential spoiler alert folks - you have been warned! Enjoy!


Episode 116: Farscape ‘Daedelus Commands’ and ‘Icarus Abides’

> October 27th, 2017 ---

This week Tim and I discuss the Season 3 Episodes Daedelus Commands and Icarus Abides, please join us for the usual craic and stuff :D


Episode 115: JJ Abrams Trek

> October 26th, 2017 ---

This week Tim, Casey and myself discuss the JJ universe, time lines, lens flare and inevitably Star Trek Discovery. Hope you enjoy!


Episode 114: The Lord of The Rings - The Two Towers

> October 18th, 2017 ---

Sorry for our absence folks but we are back and this week Tim and I are discussing The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. If you haven't seen it then you should remedy that but please have a listen to me and Tim waffle about it for a bit :D Enjoy!