Episode 87: Farscape - ‘Nerve’ and ‘The Hidden Memory’

> March 22nd, 2017 ---

This week Tim and I disucss Farscape's season on offerings of Nerve and The Hidden Memory, join us as we discuss the softer side of D'Argo and meet Stark and Scorpius for the first time! 


Episode 86: He-Man and She-Ra - The Power of the Sword

> March 15th, 2017 ---

This week Tim and I discuss the 1986 movie He-Man and She-Ra The Power of the Sword. Spandex, neon pink and talking unicorns all the way! Enjoy the fun!


Episode 85: Stargate Atlantis - Underground, The Storm and The Eye

> March 8th, 2017 ---

This week Tim and I discuss SGA's season one's offering of Underground, The Storm and The Eye, the first three parter of the series. Listen for usual banter and stuff and things! 


Episode 84: Deep Space Nine - The Way of the Warrior

> March 1st, 2017 ---

This week Tim and I discuss the season 4 premiere of Deep Space Nine, The Way of the Warrior. Join us for the usual canny craic and banter as we pass our verdict and revel in our love for Garak!


Episode 83: Star Wars - The Phantom Menace

> February 22nd, 2017 ---

This week Casey and Scott join Tim and I as we discuss the thing that is The Phantom Menace.


Episode 82: Stargate SG1: Beneath The Surface

> February 15th, 2017 ---

This week Tim and I discuss SG1's Beneath The Surface and it's striking similarity to last weeks episodes' episode Workforce! Have fun, don't forget the tea and cake. 


Episode 81: Star Trek Voyager - Workforce Parts 1 and 2

> February 8th, 2017 ---

Back after a long break we jump in where we left off and bring to you Episode 80! This week Casey joins Tim and I as we take a look at Star Trek Voyager's Season 7 offering, Workforce! Enjoy!


ps It's good to be back!


*Until editing this episode I was not aware of any technical issue with my mic, however there appears to have been some, my apologies for that, hopefully I can get this rectified for next week!


Episode 80: Star Trek Voyager - Alice

> January 25th, 2017 ---

Due to life stuffs recording has been postponed, please take this offering of Star Trek Voyager's season 6 episode - 'Alice' to satiate your appetite until we're back on track!


Episode 79: Farscape - Look At The Princess, parts 1-3.

> January 12th, 2017 ---

This week Tim and I discuss one of our all time favourites, Farscape. Join us as we take a peek at the Look At The Princess Trilogy. 


Episode 78: Return of the Jedi

> January 4th, 2017 ---

This week, in tribute to the marvellous Carrie Fisher we changed our schedule to bring to you Return of the Jedi. After first recording a ROTJ episode last year and then losing the file for it never to be published we decided that there would be no better tribute than to visit this movie again and we were not disappointed. Join Tim, Casey and I as we discuss and give thought to the final installment of the original trilogy.