Episode 80: Star Trek Voyager - Alice

> January 25th, 2017 ---

Due to life stuffs recording has been postponed, please take this offering of Star Trek Voyager's season 6 episode - 'Alice' to satiate your appetite until we're back on track!


Episode 79: Farscape - Look At The Princess, parts 1-3.

> January 12th, 2017 ---

This week Tim and I discuss one of our all time favourites, Farscape. Join us as we take a peek at the Look At The Princess Trilogy. 


Episode 78: Return of the Jedi

> January 4th, 2017 ---

This week, in tribute to the marvellous Carrie Fisher we changed our schedule to bring to you Return of the Jedi. After first recording a ROTJ episode last year and then losing the file for it never to be published we decided that there would be no better tribute than to visit this movie again and we were not disappointed. Join Tim, Casey and I as we discuss and give thought to the final installment of the original trilogy.


Episode 77: Star Trek Enterprise - Shockwave Pts 1 & 2

> December 28th, 2016 ---

This week Tim and I discuss the time travelling headache that is Star Trek Enterprise: Shockwave. Join us as we mention our disdain for temporal mechanics with the usual hilarity and stuff and things. Thanks for listening guys, we wish you all the very best for 2017.

NB As this show was recorded the news of Carrie Fisher having taken ill broke. It was mentioned during recording and has not been edited from the show. As it stands now she is no longer with us, she is with the Force. Apologies if not removing this content upsets anybody.


Episode 76: Star Wars - Holiday Special

> December 20th, 2016 ---

Join Tim and I this week as we discuss Star Wars A Holiday Special, kinda, as well as cassette tapes, bic biros, Discovery news and whole host of other random stuff!!

Merry Christmas guys.......by the way.....this gift is non-returnable! 


Episode 75: Star Trek - Beyond

> December 14th, 2016 ---


Hi! This week Tim and I discuss Star Trek: Beyond!! Wooooo!!!!! If you haven't seen this movie DO NOT listen to this podcast because it will ruin EVERYTHING for you! Anyway, you can't say you weren't warned!! Usual opinions, tea and cake are included!


Episode 74: ‘Jaynestown’ - Firefly

> December 7th, 2016 ---

This week in tribute to the late Ron Glass Tim and I discuss 'Jaynestown' from Firefly. Join us as we appreciate the legend that was Shepard The Preacher. *Usual banter present as always!


Episode 73 - Star Trek Voyager: Dreadnought

> November 29th, 2016 ---

In a change to our shceudled programming please find this week's episode Dreadnought available to download now. Due to technical issues and the universe being an utter **** this week Tim and I bring to you one of our back up episodes for your listening pleasure. Apologies for those that were expecting to hear Star Trek: Beyond this week - hopefully we can bring this episode to you soon!!!!!!


Episode 72: Stargate (1994)

> November 24th, 2016 ---

Join Tim and I this week as we discuss the original Stargate movie from 1994 starring Kurt Russell and James Spader! There is the usual banter and craic so be sure not to miss out ;D 


Episode 71: Star Wars - Revenge of the Sith

> November 16th, 2016 ---

This week Tim and I are joined by our Star Wars regular Scott to discuss the finer points of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. I say finer points.....yeah finer points works....anyways...have a listen and see if you agree with us!